phonics lesson 21

than that the

path math Beth

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phonics lesson 20b

His pig is big.

Phil hid his hat.

Jack hid his ham in his hat.

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phonics lesson 20

Quick Rick, fix it.

Tim bit his lip.

Nick is a sick kid.

Nick well get well.

Will Bill kiss Jill?

Will Bill tell Jill?

Sid will miss his pet pig.

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phonics lesson 19b

dip hiss Dix

fizz quick Phil

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phonics lesson 19

if Jif miff tiff 

in bin fin pin sin tin win

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phonics lesson 18

ceb cell heb

hec peb pec 

teb zeb

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Hewitt milking the goats

I milk the goats, so if you have any questions about milking I’ll be happy to answer them.  If you are wondering, we milk them by hand.  If you are used to milking by hand, you can go faster than a machine.

I milk ZuZu, Zenith, Zaphire, Zipporah, and Pegasus.  First we have to get the goats’ grain.  We have to put together our milk pail and then bring the goats in out of their pen.  When we let them in the milk room they jump on the milk stand.  If you are wondering why the jump on the milk stand, it is because then they can get their food.  They really like their food.  If they are a first freshener they don’t know there is food there and we have to get them up onto the milk stands.  When they learn there is food up there, they jump up happily.

When they are on the milk stand, we wipe their teats with a baby wipe.  Then we milk them.  After we milk them, we wipe them off again to help keep them from getting diseases.  Then we get them  out of the milk room and put them in another pen.  There is a different kind of food in that pen and once they have finished eating enough in that pen, we put them back in their own pen.

Narrated by Hewitt Jonas

This is Zipporah.

This is Zenith.


This is Pegasus.



This is Zaphire.


This is ZuZu.DSC_1294_blog

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phonics lesson 17

Ted has a cat as a pet.

Bess fed Jack an egg.

Deb had an egg.

Ban has a cat.

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phonics lesson 16b

Ben bend bet

gem hex yes

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phonics lesson 15-16

lesson 16

beck bell Ed egg jeff cell sell

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